Out Walking Feb 3rd 2019

I got off the bus at main street and as I walked to through the tunnels of the Lee Building I met this guy, his girlfriend and their dog. Standing at the entrance to the Lee. Naturally I asked if I could take a portrait. He said yes.

A face you’d see on Main Street in Vancouver.

Daily Commute January 31st 2019

While walking to a course in the downtown core of Vancouver, I saw this through the window of the Harbor Center (that space ship looking building that gives Vancouver city line its definitive look). I knelt down and took the photo through the glass giving me an interesting perspective. You can see how loved and secure they feel through being held by their mother. Almost entirely relaxed with their drooping arms. Mothers love is so vital in security and life. When you Shush someone, a large reason it quiets them is because it mimics the sound of blood rushing through your mothers veins when you are in the womb. So much so that later in life you are still put at peace by it.

Side note: its also a self portrait if you look for the reflection. Maybe I am also reflecting on a familiar feeling.

Daily Commute Jan 29th 2019


In street photography initially it feels unnatural
to ask for a portrait . Fear takes over and you watch a great photo pass by. Training myself to take action upon these feelings is something I’ve been working on. The way I think about it, the worst that happens is they say no and you move on. Most likely to never see them again. Making the extra effort can make for some really wonderful portraits. This interesting guy caught my eye entering a convenience store. I had to wait outside till he came out. I asked and he let me take this photo. Ended up happy with the result.

Daily Commute Jan 28th 2019

The everyday cycle of work can really put your life into a predictable state. Sometimes this boredom can give you the overwhelming urge to create. I had to stop. This man walked by after I had paused on the corner for a moment. I asked if I could take a portrait and he agreed. He walked off smiling. I walked away also feeling in a small way more complete.

Nice jacket.